Fleurir Creative


Fleurir Creative is a boutique branding and marketing studio run by yours truly, Louise Rowland. I specialise in branding, web design and marketing consultancy for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses helping them build their brand from the inside, out. I am passionate about helping creative businesses flourish through unique, targeted branding and effective marketing.



A brand is more than just a logo. I believe that your brand is the foundation of your business from your messaging to your collateral. I am passionate about building purposeful brands and providing personal and thoughtful branding experience for your business.


Continue your new brand into the online space with a beautifully designed and user-friendly website is essential to showcasing your content. Built on WordPress, each website is built responsively ensure a perfect user experience via  desktop, tablet or mobile.


Think of me as your marketing partner. As a small business owner, you may not have the luxury of a full time marketing employee and that’s where I come in. I aim to give you the knowledge, tools and motivation to grow your business through effective digital marketing.


7 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

My name is Louise and I am a podcast addict. I love reading blog posts but podcasts are something I can listen to whilst at the gym or in the car. I always learn something new from the people/podcasts I listen to, so I thought I’d make a list and share them all with you.

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10 Tools & Apps I Use In My Business

I would not be able to run my business as smoothly and efficiently as I do without the use of these tools and apps to keep me organised. I am a huge advocate of getting the processes and tools you need and that are affordable at the beginning to ensure you’re business starts on the right foot.

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Fleurir :: The Brand Board

Today, I’m really excited to reveal my brand board as part of my brand reveal series of blog posts. The brand board is where you really start to see the brand coming together after the Inspiration Board. A brand board is an at a glance guide to all the key elements of your branding and should at the very least include your logo, an alternative logo, sub marks, a colour palette and font choices.

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